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  • StringyChat 1.04
  • With the latest release combining better banned word and IP functionality, as well as a more intuitive Admin system, v1.04 have made a big step forward.

    Lots more work is still needed to make StringyChat a stable system, however the current release allows a completely customisable format. Your site can have that special touch for visitors to post their contributions to your site with the security of having the ability to ban specific words and IP addresses, without the worry away of allowing visitors free roam to contribute.

    All you need is a php enabled website, and access to a MySQL database. StringyChat will do the rest!

  • Early Fix
  • I've made several fixes which were posted on the bug tracker, and release v1.01. It appears stable, although I still need extensive testing to try and break the system.

    Validation / required field checks have not been coded yet, so i'm aware they will break.

  • First Release
  • The first public release of StringyChat is now available. Current features include an administrative interface for setting appication variables, and administration of word/ip bans.

    Any development ideas are very much appreciated as testing has only been done locally, with the service built based on my own requirements.

    I know the admin interface looks bland at the moment. This will be worked on in due course - for now, i'm more interested in functionality.



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